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Rarámuri cultural experience means immersing yourself in the cuisine, arts, and stories of the Tarahumara people. In the town of Huetosachi, you will have the opportunity to not only prepare but also share a meal with the community. Accompanied by local women, you will put your hands to work to prepare your own Rarámuri food and you will taste the famous pinole that gives energy to the ultra-marathoners. You will also prepare handicrafts with men and women, share stories and play games with children, and get a unique view of how the Huetosachi live their daily life.

Whats included?

Cooking Experience
Please note that booking is required for all Huetosachi cultural experiences.

Cooking class

Alongside the Huetosachi women, you will learn first hand how they make authentic Raràmuri cuisine, and you will get to participate in the baking and cooking with them. You learn about traditional foods they prepare and how to do it yourself at home. 

 Meal and stories with Huetosachi

Learn about the legends and culture of the Tarahumara as you share a meal with the community and play fun games with the children. Share your own traditions with them, they are always eager to learn from the visitors.

weaving class

Get hands-on experience watching men and women create their authentic Rarámuri art - weave baskets and other handicrafts and experience community life while doing it.

local products

You will get the opportunity to purchase locally made products at a discount to bring souvenirs back to your loved ones to remember the experience. 

Book Cultural

Where: Huetosachi Community, Copper Canyon

Duration: 2 hours

What You Need: Sunscreen

Price: 350 MXN

Booking is required. To reserve your trip with our community, please call us at ​ 635.110.9872

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