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The meaning of Tarahumara translates to “where the night is the day of the moon”, that is the particular name of the inhabitants of Copper Canyon.  They believe that the stars that are seen at night are the souls of women and men that have finally been extinguished from this planet. The Tarahumaras call themselves rarámuri, which means "runners on foot"; it comes from the roots: rará (foot) and muri (run). For them, it is synonymous with people or humans. In general, mestizo people are referred to by the term Chabochi, meaning "those that have beards," and those who live together with them and share their culture are called Napurega Rarámuri.

The Raramuri


Mexicos natural wonder

Larger and deeper than the ever famous Grand Canyon, Copper Canyon is located within the legendary Sierra Tarahumara Mountains, home to an indigenous cave dwelling culture that are known as the Rarámari. The interconnected system of canyons reach unique depths and the hundreds of trails crafted by the Raramari give visitors un-endless opportunities to take in the majestic views and the “copper”color that gives the canyon its name. Numerous natural features including rivers and caves make this destination one of the most mystical on earth.

Coppr Cnyon



The project began in 2015 with funding from the Christensen Fund and was designed to protect the bio-cultural diversity in the Sierra Tarahumara through strengthening the execution of community-based and operated eco-tourism in two Indigenous Rarámuri communities: Bacajipare and Huetosachi.

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